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About The Company

Green Fingers was established in early 2015, Our goal is to strengthening the farming community by professional and active consulting and support in all agricultural and agro – economical fields.


The company grew from the vision of our three partners – Dr. Shery Lev, Mr. Yaron Wissmark and Mr. Shahar Goldberg., combined, they have decades of knowledge in a wide range of crops including Citrus, Vineyards, Avocado, Mango, Litchi, Pomegranates, Almonds, Berries, Field Crops and many more.


Green Fingers consultants have been raised and educated amongst the trees as well as holding an academic agronomist degree.

We manage and consult over 50 farms and more than 6,000 acres across Israel (From the Northern Galilee region, thru the Great See of Galilee basin and down to the Arava and Negev desert).


We offer an addition to the whole chain of agricultural crop growing, from Nursery to planting and from day-to-day growing to harvest and even post-harvest and bottom line revenue, we give our customers a “One Stop Shop”.

Our Services

Active Farm Management

Green Fingers actively manages a number of communal farms across the Western Galilee region. We use our successful working doctrine in order to enhance the farms agri-economical results.

Global and Domestic Agricultural Project Consulting and Training

Green Fingers has a specialty in building a viable agricultural and economic planning for each and every farmer while enhancing their strong sides and overcoming their weaknesses.

Consulting and Training Farmers and Communal Operations

The rising necessity of the global and domestic farming community has giving rise to the main pillar of our company. Using our high level expertise in growing and handling crops, we now pass along to our clients the knowledge we have accumulated throughout the many years in the trade as well as the knowledge we are building in our R&D department.

Post-Harvest Consulting and Training

The post-harvest stage is a crucial and problematic to most farmers. The deep understanding of the post-harvest chain of events combined with years of experience allows us to maximize both farmer and packaging house end results.


In our large scale industrial nursery, we complete our “One stop Shop” package by growing and supplying high quality Avocado, Kiwi, Papaya, Mango and Blueberries plants.

Research & Development

Green Fingers has engraved on her flag the agricultural research necessity. Thru deep understating of science, combined with the understating of the farmer and market needs, we offer a wide range of solutions to overcome every agricultural difficulty.


 Green Fingers nursery is located at Kibbutz Beit HaEmek in the Western Galilee region.

The nursery supplies high quality plants that meet every PPI’s and Farmer standards.

All stages of plant growth is subjected to our agronomist attention and supervision.

To Our Nursery


The nursery produces unual and by annual plants according to the farmers needs.
We work closely with our nursery partners – Haskelberg Nursery in order to achieve the highest quality of avocado plants.


We produce a wide range of kiwi cultivars.
Our plants are at the highest quality requested by farmers across Israel


We produce high quality “Paradise“ papaya.
Our plants are clean and true to type

Plant by Order

We produce different types of plants on a small to medium scale order of a wide range of plant species.

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