The ever growing need for solution regarding the alternating fruit tree planting trends, has brought Green Fingers to develop its very own large scale fruit tree nursery as well as finding the next “big thing” in fruit tree planting.

The Green Fingers nursery is a necessary addition to our services, we now offer a real “one stop shop”, from planning to planting and growing to selling. The big picture behind our new addition is to provide a see-thru window into the process of the trees from the early get go, as well as to provide the highest quality of trees to the farmer.

Green Fingers nursery is located at Kibbutz Beit HaEmek in the Western Galilee region of Israel

All of our growing steps are supervised by trained agronomists and staff.

The nursery provides the highest quality of plants that are overseen and approved by all PPIS

protocol and standards.

As part of Green Fingers “clean earth with healthiest plants at field” we are now lunching or perishable bags, suitable for any crop and any soil. the planting bag allows for a better root zone activity as well as planting it directly into the soil due to a organic polymer that allows the bag to decompose after several months.

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Kibbutz Ga'aton ,D.N. Ashrat
Yoel Isenberg
Fax: 04-9960943
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