A good way to emphasize the importance of the connection between the nursery and the consultant department, is the growing demand from farmers and packing houses for mangos. Looking strategically towards the future, we decided to enter the mango tree production in our nursery.

We produce by-annual high quality mango trees. The rootstock is the famous Israeli “13-1”. We follow the strict protocol of the Israeli PPIS regarding available scion materials.

Both the scion and rootstock are under streak control and supervision from the PPIS.

Our germination technic is a unique one and is based upon the Polyembriotic traits of the “13-1” seeds.

The farmer gets the best and highest quality of mango trees as well as professional and continues consulting.

Contact Details

Kibbutz Ga'aton ,D.N. Ashrat
Yoel Isenberg
Fax: 04-9960943
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