Zvolon Avocado Partnership

18 בMarch 2018

Zvolon Orchards

A partnership between kibbutz Usha and kibbutz Kfar Maccabi.

Main goal was to transfer the old plots into new cutting edge avocado farm using high density planting, diverse avocado planting plan based on market demand and effective operetional and proffesional .working system

18 בMarch 2018

One of our most important tools is our feasibility analysis of selected areas.

Using deep analysis of climate, soil, water, resources availability, man power and market statistics we  conduct a survey and a summarized report of all economical and agricultural aspects regarding any crop.

We conduct such surveys domestically and abroad. We have worked in various regions, such as:

  • The Dominican Republic
  • Nigeria
  • Peru
  • Ethiopia
  • Iindia
  • Thailand

27 בAugust 2018

Kibbutz Kinneret Agriculture

Kibbutz Kinneret’s agriculture as managed by Green Fingers.

The main goal of this activity is to help stir the agricultural planning of kibbutz kinneret towards a more efficient and lucrative future, while using Green Finger’s tools of micro and macro managing capabilities.

18 בMarch 2018

An agricultural partnership using agricultural lands of both partners in order to maximize revenue and lower operational costs.

 The major objective of this operation is to replace old avocado plots with new and healthy plots strictly  adhering to the market needs regarding varieties and a year-round supply both domestically and export quality.

In 2020 the partnership lands should spread over 200 hectares, mainly fruiting and young plots.

Contact Details

Kibbutz Ga'aton ,D.N. Ashrat
Yoel Isenberg
Fax: 04-9960943
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