Post Harvest

Handling of fruit after the harvest, i.e. post-harvest, is effected mainly, by the farmer’s growing interface and the physiological stage the fruit is at when the farmer chooses to harvest it; Afterwards, fruit quality analysis and market destination (global, domestic, fruit quality ranking) as well as storage, prolonging shelf life, ripening and storage climate control, shipping and selling, all of these contribute, as a whole, to the bottom line revenue of the farmer every year.

As part of the heterogenic package and the knowledge sharing that we here at Green Fingers supply to our clients and farmers, we also support, train and follow up the process of post-harvesting. We closely monitor to process from deciding when to harvest all the way to where and how to sell including every step inside the packaging house. We bring to the table our vast net of commercial and agronomic contacts as well as our know how in packaging house operations and managing.

Our consultants use their experience in post-harvest operations to contribute on a wide scale set of subjects, such as:

  • The transfer and sharing of knowledge in climate control rooms and ripening rooms
  • QA and QC to achieve operational ISO for each market, globally and domestic
  • Planning of quality analysis platforms to determine fruit destinations
  • Fruit handling protocols, for prolonged shelf life and proper man power usage
  • Directing each fruit quality to specific markets in order to achieve highest revenue for both grower and packaging house

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