Local Projects

The large amount of accumulative knowledge over the years combined with our continual attachment to both field and science, allow us here in Green Fingers to collectively understand all of the cultivating and growing process.

As well as consulting, we also manage our own projects, this gives us a comprehensive look at the agricultral world here in Israel.

from planning the grove or orchard to the actual growing and up to, and including selling the produce. We supply an accurate planning of all the aspects of an agricultural project as well as consulting and accompanying the project from start to finish.

In Israel we offer a set of options for the local market:

  • Agri-Economical project analysis
  • Establishment of a potential growing area
  • Nursery
  • Growing
  • Post-Harvest
  • Joined operations merging
  • Marketing

Agri – Economical Joined Operations Merging

As part of the ever changing reality, the necessity of a joined operation, that merges a number of agricultural farms or partnerships, thus utilizing the combined resources more efficiently, means that the bottom line revenue for each grower increases.

Green Fingers professional managing stuff is highly trained to deal with such changes. Our stuff uses Green Fingers managing and growing doctrines, combined with the local advantages of each partner to increase the relative value of the land.

Our long experience has proven itself in recent year in two directly managed cooperative farms:

  • Zvolon Orchards – A partnership between Kibbutz Usha and Kibbutz Kfar Maccabi      Read More
  • Avocado E.L.A Orchards – A partnership between Kibbutz Admit and Kibbutz Luchmei HaGetaot     Read More

Green Fingers also escorts and consults:

  • Ramot Menashe Orchards – A partnership between Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet, Kibbutz Luchmei HaGetaot and Kibbutz Beit HaEmek     Read More

Agri – Economical Feasibility Analysis

Green Finger possesses a highly valuable tool in the world of agriculture – the ability to understand every aspect of that world. We consult, manage and grow every crop we specialize in. We also understand the full spectrum of the economical perspective of the agricultural world. Understanding the disadvantages as well as the advantages in each and every crop and the strong connection that it has with the specific plot or land that the farmer is examining, allows us to produce a finalizing report, pointing out every single option available for the client\farmer, that takes in mind the soil. Water, climate, man power, market economics etc. The main goal is the achieving a wise and informed choice based on Green Fingers deep analysis and final recommendation. Our stuff brings years of agronomical experience, combined with deep understating of the farmer and his day to day operations.

The main crop that we survey for are: Avocado, Persimmon, Mango, Citrus, Pomegranate, Pecan, Almonds, Litchi, Blueberries and Olives.

Some of our clients throughout the years:

  • Ginigar, Dorot, Kfar Haruv, Afik, Ma’ale Gilboa, Kfar Bialik, Sha’ar Ha’amikim, Rohama, Shoval, Hamadiya, Mevu Horon

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