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The Research and Development department in Green Fingers was founded from the ever increasing needs of farmers to cope and overcome the obstacles in the field of agriculture. These problems have long been overlooked by field consultants across the globe and resulted in farmers losing their livelihood. We have found that a strong connection between the field and science is the pillar of which the farmer can increase his land profitability. Our goal is to use our agricultural and scientific tools in order to translate the throughout into action.

Heading the department is Dr. Shery Lev, an agronomist and plant geneticist, Shery has a great deal of experience in field crops and orchards, cultivation of genetic markers for traits location as well as proven postharvest knowledge and experience.

Our team of agronomists come from different areas of expertise, including a wide range of plant physiology, entomology, the science of water and soil, plant genetics, cultivation interface, Acclimatization of different plant species, using high-tech technology for process control and many more. This wide range of agronomic fields, combined with long term hard field experience (growing and managing) allows us to connect with our clients and farmers and help achieve the highest yield production and quality available as well as increasing land profitability.

Our Field Experiments:

  • VC Rootstock – Located in Zvolon orchards. The goal of this study is survey the best suited rootstock for avocado cultivation in a selected array of parameters
  • VC and Seedling Rootstock comparison – Located in Lochmei Hagetaot orchards. The main goal of this study is to compare the compatibility of the Hass cultivar between the two different rootstock propogational methods
  • Avocado Cuttings – Located at Green Fingers Nursery. The goal is to assess the profitability of a wide production option of avocado cuttings.

Next on the research agenda:

  • Citrus and Ettinger avocado peel cracks for prolonged harvest
  • Hass alternate barring cycle – Combinations of different approaches to solve this problem
  • Small volume avocado sapling planting
  • Almonds mechanical harvesting – New methods keeping the tree healthy throughout the process
  • Botryosphaeria prevention in avocado cultivars from the nursery to harvest time
  • Introducing low chill blueberry and kiwi cultivars

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